About Bradley Lucas

I am a very passionate creative photographer specialising in portraits & advertising photography for the entertainment industry with 20 years experience behind the lens.

All artists, creatives, models, actors, actresses, musicians/bands, magicians, comedians, athletes, extreme sports stars, I am looking at you!

I create striking memorable portraits using both traditional style or step into the amazing world of creative photography with amazing special FX and advanced lighting techniques and composite images, removing all traditional limits of photography.

I’ll work with you to shape your advertising and marketing ideas into an incredible finished product perfect to promote you and your business.

I can bring to you my professional 'StudioAnywhere' mobile studio, you can choose a local studio to you for your shoot, or please feel very welcome to visit either my small studio in Twyford (10mins from Reading) or my large studio in Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead (just 30mins from London). 

Both studios are situated in the beautiful Berkshire countryside.


e: studio@iwanttoshootyou.co.uk 

t: +44 07747 778 675

My Creative Background

I started out as a little chap of about 6yrs young doing pencil sketches, I was always drawn (excuse the pun) to drawing people…
Whether it was life like sketches with a pencil or something a bit more fun where I tried to replicate Marvel Comic style artwork using biro or as a real treat a felt tip, I loved to draw people.

My dad had an old film camera (which I still have) and he used to baffle me trying to show me how to use it. I did not understand but I was always really intrigued with the camera and how it worked. Developing the film in the makeshift dark room (know to most as the garden shed), seemed so amazing as I watched the image start to appear on the paper.

In 1996 I started Henley Collage to study Art and Photography.
I very quickly stopped going to my Art classes, drawing people had turned into photographing people.

I focussed my time on shooting my rolls of Ilford film, avoiding ALL my other collage classes, I liked to hide in the dark room from my other teachers to develop my film and my black & white prints.

It was a truly amazing thing, I finally got to see my images and the moments in time that I had captured, this process is something that still amazes me just as much to this day!

Never in a million years could I have guessed that those fun days out with a camera in my hand, learning by experimenting (rather than looking on YouTube as people do these days) would lead me towards an exciting journey to becoming “A Professional Photographer”. 
I love my work, the people I meet and the creative images that we come up with.

While studying photography I worked as a Graphic Designer/Photographer for a small media company in Henley on Thames.
Here I learnt some very new skills, design and layouts, animation, video editing, animation (using Macromedia Flash which Adobe eventually purchased) and the most important new skill, Adobe Photoshop.

I continued with my education through Reading Collage, completing various advanced courses in photography, then digital photography, Photoshop image editing and CGI using 3D Studio Max.

These courses helped shape my creative skills and have become a huge part of my photography work, they allowed me to push traditional photography techniques using special effects, photo manipulation and composites to provide exceptional results, that really stand out for my clients.

I would love to work with you to create something that will turn heads.

Please contact me to discuss ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem for your photoshoot, the impossible can be done!
I realised the camera can tell lies! but shhhh, thats a little secret!

Thanks for your time in reading a little about me and my journey to get to where I am today. 


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