Behind the Lens

  1. Pro Prints VS Highstreet

    Date 04 Mar 2019
    Should I get my photos printed using a professional Colour Lab or a Highstreet printer such as Snappy Snaps, Boots or alike Pros of Professional Pros: Excellent Quality High quality archival paper used (will last for over 80 years without fading) Cons: Slightly more expensive High Street Printing Pros: Cheap…

  2. GARY NUMAN - My break into Music Photography

    Date 25 Oct 2018
    GARY NUMAN - EXILE TOUR SOUTHAMPTON GUILDHALL 25/10/1997 A long time ago, in the dark age of FILM… yes film! My Gary Numan Exile Tour Guest Pass from the night. (Main photo at top credit to Phil King) Exactly 21 years ago to the day on the 25th October 1997, I was…

  3. Skateboarder = Designer

    Date 01 Jun 2018
    Skateboarder = Designer I was thinking back to my good old days of being a very active skateboarder, travelling miles and miles up and down the UK just to skate one spot! You end up spending time in the car or on the train working what tricks you’re going to try (or…

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