Nick Willson

"What an amazing picture! Thanks to I Want to Shoot You for this highly creative masterpiece. Everyone is admiring the detailed print with enthusiasm. 

Ceri-Ann Williams
Actress/Stunt Double

"Thanks so much Bradley @iwant2shootyou for this incredible shot, it's EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I can see you are a real pro in your area! Perfect to promote my appearance signings"

London Comedian 

"Absolutely cracking photography from Bradley @iwant2shootyou I really cant wait to start using them for my next gig circuits"  

Ben Portsmouth

"You star Bradley, the location shots we did at the barn are so perfect for my tour promo & well on brand, plus the stage shots you took totally blew me away
Big thank you"

Leila Kotori

"Thanks so much Bradley, you got so many photos I would never normally do a pose like, we had such a laugh and for me, it's something totally fresh for my portfolio! THANK YOU"

Lance Vernon

"Top Stuff Bradley, from start to finish and we had a great time doing the shoot! I wouldn't hesitate in choosing to use I Want to Shoot You again for my next pro shoot!"

Emma Upton

"You managed to get so many stunning photos to really kickstart my new professional career, I highly recommend Bradley very much"

Grime Artist

"I'm so happy with these bangers, literally every shot is a winner
Cheers Bradley - I Want to Shoot You every time.."

Ben Marlow
Film Director (DoP)

"Such great photos that I never thought would be possible, they look surreal and are my favourite shots of me to date, incredible! Thanks Bradley and I Want to Shoot You gets a 10/10!"

Matea & Stefano
Love Punks

"Bradley the shots you took of us at the music video shoot were so good, the big print you gave us for our wedding present literally made us both cry, we LOVE it.. you are such a seriously talented photographer!"

The Skangsters
Ska Musicians

"Sh*t the bed those photos you took of us are the best, the best we've ever had - never thought they would turn out as good as this, they make us look so professional, spot on for us to promote the band with, cheers Bradley"

Jake Henderson


"Thanks Bradley,your shots are way more than I expected & they SMASH my old promo shots, the details in the posters are so good, get better the more I look at them! THANKS MAN"


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