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Shooting Stars Wall Art Package only £99

£99.00 GBP



Inspired totally by Hollywood movie posters, your favourite Super Heroes or even your most treasured & iconic album covers, the ones you have definitely stared at them thinking how seriously cool they look.

Well now you have the chance to star in your very own blockbuster movie poster!

This very creative, fantasy portrait shoot really is the top of my list when it comes to photography, an incredible all in one shoot with superb lighting & digital effects & artwork in one bundle, where you get to live out your dreams. 

Ever felt like flying, stamping on a building, juggling with cars? Well now you can!

SPECIAL OFFER: Less than HALF PRICE if booked before Dec 2019!

Yes, EVERY Shooting Stars Wall Art Portrait session booked for the rest of 2019 will get more than 50% off, so if you are in two minds, don't delay get it booked today!

Pay only £99.00 if you book today, or £249 from Jan 2020.

About the Photoshoot

Professional studio lighting every time for these photoshoots, it gives me total control to ensure you look just like your favourite SUPER HERO or ROCK STAR!

Special FX lighting techniques to ensure the true feeling of your character is portrayed in every shoot, you want an explosion in the background... well we can't do that in the studio, BUT we can shoot for it with a bright orange strobe behind you so you look just like it happened, then I digitally add in the flames & explosions to look as real as the Hollywood Blockbusters! Impressive stuff 

Anything is possible in the world of Photography & Digital Artwork, everything is possible.

Come on and test me, really test me to see what in your imagination is actually possible to create!

Location of your Photoshoot

Location is really up to you but please be aware with these photoshoots, we can often need a fair amount of room for poses (especially flying ones) and also props, I have a choice of 2 studios in either Twyford (small) or Maidenhead (large), or I can come to a studio local to you, depending on your character and poses depends on the room size we need. 

I can also come directly to you, wherever you require for your photoshoot.
I have a totally mobile StudioAnywhere option, a complete lightweight mobile wireless studio, I can set up in your garage or local hall, even outside, 

Location is your oyster

Please Note: I travel the first 25 miles from Reading for free, thereafter I ask 50p per mile to cover the additional travel requirements. 

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